Landfill sites tend to be the perfect home ground for rats to live, feed and breed. Rats carry many diseases including Weils Disease, Rat-Bite fever, Foot and Mouth and Salmonellas. Without control, problems can spread to local towns and villages.

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Rats are a major pest on farmland and other commercial and non-commercial land surrounding properties.

I provide rat pest control for Tewkesbury Gloucestershire and surrounding areas.


Rats are highly descructive and spread disease.



Rats are also just as destructive and they are never too far away from any domestic property, or food sources on farmland, recycling plants etc. Rats are very smart creatures and also carry diseases. The best way to hunt rats is at night in the pitch black. I use a night vision scope with an infra red torch, this method gives a nice clear image of the target for clean kills. Rats cannot detect infra red and therefore are completely unaware that they are the target. Large amounts of rats can be cleared from an area in fairly short time.

  • Rats spread disease

  • Rats are highly destructive

  • Rats can damage buildings

  • Rats can damage electric cabling

  • Rats are a pest on farms



Airguns are an excellent tool for pest control. Their limited power and relative quiet action means they can be used safely and discreetly, particularly when alternatives such as shotguns or high velocity rifles would either be too noisy or simply too risky.

When considering dealing with pests such as rats, grey squirrels, rats, pigeons, rabbits and corvids within any environment, but more importantly a domestic site, it is vital that a robust backstop is used to eliminate any stray shots.

Using a modern pre-charged air rifle with a moderator provides a quiet tool that allows silent and discreet vermin control, which is what is required if you don’t want to upset your neighbours.

I have a great deal of experience helping gamekeepers with their pheasant holds.

First and foremost to reduce the eggs and chicks of gamebirds that fall to the likes of the rats and also provide some benefit to small mammals and songbirds by reducing the numbers of rats and corvids.

It is fairly obvious that there is less risk of pellets straying beyond boundaries when shooting a larger area of woodland or farmland, however I like to use techniques that help me to put the pest into an area that I want them.

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